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We specialize in both commercial and residential properties, our main focus is on the quality of the work, rather than the size of the job.

Driveways are important as they add value to any property by providing off-street parking and if well-built they can add aesthetic value to any home. Most homes use asphalt for their driveways because asphalt is durable and cost-effective.

Concrete is not very durable when it comes to driveway installations. The difference in the two materials is a result of the ways in which they are made. Concrete is made of water, cement and an aggregate like crushed sand. Cement binds the mixture, which dries into an inflexible mass that is inclined to crack if the underlying surface is not smooth. Asphalt paving is flexible to accommodate surface imperfections while remaining extremely hard and durable. This material is made using bitumen, which binds the aggregate. The mixture is applied hot and pressed into place. In addition to being less likely to crack, asphalt paving is less subject to flaking or spalling caused by poor installation. It's also important to note that concrete is more susceptible to staining and weathering.

Asphalt paving is also a better choice for eco-conscious homeowners, as the product is 100 percent recyclable.
About 80 percent of this material is recycled when removed.

For all your asphalt needs in Gauteng, we are here to provide you the quality and service you deserve. When you need an asphalt company who can design and install a driveway and walkways to give your home that added appeal, we provide you with the highest quality service and product available.

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